Sunday, March 27, 2011

F1 Froyo 2.2.2 V3 [FAT32]

This build is an AOSP Froyo 2.2.2 build and Fastest FAT32 Build. This build is also Rooted. Graphics are very good all thanks to Duckly for his kernels i got 24.5 FPS (Without Sound). This build has no Google APPS just Market, Gmail, Voice Search and Voice. Added LauncherPro, SuperUser and OI File Manager. Removed Gallery3D and added Gallery2D for speed.

Build: Froyo 2.2.2
Kernel: Duckly's Turbo Kernel (25 March 2011 - Keypad drivers not as modules) 

  • WiFi
  • Graphics [24.5 FPS (Without Sound)]
  • GPS
  • Market
  • 3G Network
  • Phone Speaker (If you get problems turn speaker on and off)
  • 3D Acceleration
  • Bluetooth
  • Awsome Battery Life
  • Battery Indicator (Very Accurate)
  • Smooth Animations
  • Browser
  • Gmail
  • Backlight Control
  • Overclocked to 652MHz (If you get bootup errors or your Apps crash set the OC value to 600MHz)
  • Landscape Support
  • After the first boot it will be slow so after the first boot right away restart it and when you will run it again it will be super fast.
  • Don't ever turn off WiFi once connected because then you will have to restart Android to get it working.
  • Unzip the .zip file and copy all the files in the root of the sd card.
  • If some of you have problems try Hard Reseting in WinMob then deleting all the files of android and Recopying from the computer.
Buttons Layout:
  • X Panel Button = Home Button
  • OK Button = Back Button
  • Left Softkey = Menu Button
  • Right Softkey = Standby & Lock Button
  • Call Button = Dialer Button
  • Call End Button = Standby & Lock Button
  • Volume Buttons = Volume Buttons
  • Power Button = Standby & Lock Button
  • Camera Button = Home Button
  • Unzip the .zip file using WinRAR or 7zip.
  • Then you will get a bunch of files.
  • Copy all the files in the root of the memory card.
  • dont copy them in a folder just in the root otherwise android will not work.
  • Run Haret from the File Explorer.
  • Then Run it again and it will be fast & stable.

  • Thanks To Neopeek
  • Thanks To Duckly
  • Thanks To Chann
  • Thanks To XDANDROID
  • Thanks To Bruno_123
  • Thanks To Benquick
  • Thanks To Midnight

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  1. can i reconfig buttons? my ok isn't working

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  4. 3G data is not transferred. Can't use the internet without WiFi.

  5. Hi, Great job! Where can I set back OC to 600MHz?

  6. Phone freezes within two minutes of booting if the mobile data connection option is selected. Please let me know how to rectify this.

    Even older builds are experiencing this issue since this build was used to upgrade.

  7. Thanks for you're time...
    does it have something like expired time for launcher pro?
    in last year when i use something like this on my X1, after a few days i saw an EROR on the screen,that said The launcher pro is expired!!!


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  9. can i use this on my xperia x2 ?

  10. Hi !

    Xperia X1i
    4GB SanDiskHC

    When I try to import contacts from SIM freeze,
    and i don't know exactly but email app or something say error many times...

    what can i do ?

    THX !!

  11. Hi, congrats for this it looks really nice :)
    Just a question, the camera doesn't work for me, is there a way to overcome this issue?

  12. hey man thanks a lot for the operating system, but my camera i have no idea how to access it. i clicked very button and they either lock or send me to home screen.
    thanks in advance!

  13. " So I hit up this Android build, loaded to a 16GB SDHC.. It's awesome... "

    Ok, I said that like somewhere early April 2011... Now I'm getting a bit anxious that the F1series project is collapsing. I haven't heard from Faryaab for months! Please consider continuing development for this still loved-by-many device running Android!

    I am now still using THIS build, but it's getting a bit slow, and the fact that the camera is missing is also getting annoying. (not speaking about charging the phone)...

    I'm sure you can do better, and I bet everyone would be eager to support you, if you get back on stage!

    Please let this be an encouragement continue developing this awesome project!!!

    Thank you!


  14. i can't turn off my screen so it make battery life is short :(
    can you help me!
    sorry for my english!
    thanks you!

  15. can i use this on my xperia x2 ?

  16. i cant download. when i click download it says page unavailable