Friday, February 18, 2011

F1 Gingerbread 2.3.1

This is a stock Gingerbread build with the best graphics ever accomplished on the XPERIA X1 i got 27.8 FPS in Neocore. This build has the best battery life ever. The base i had was an alpha by neopeek but it had alot of bugs in it i tried 100% to get this build to be free of bugs and gave it alot of modifications to make it a final build. Using the Official Gingerbread launcher.

[Guide on how to create an EXT2 partition]

Build: 2.3.1 Gingerbread
Kernel: Seandean V3C

  • 3D [27.8 FPS - NEOCORE]
  • WiFi
  • Data Connection
  • 3G Network
  • GPS
  • Phone
  • Speaker
  • SMS
  • Market
  • Browser (Slow)
  • Gmail
  • Great Battery Life
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack (Not Tested)
  • Backlight Control
  • Smooth Animations
  • Overclocked to 600Mhz
  • Games
  • Landscape Support

Not Working:
  • Blutooth (Can't Pair)
  • Original Gingerbread Keyboard (Use Japanese IME or install any keyboard from Market)

After the first boot don't use it it will be slow so restart it after the first boot and wait till it completely boots then use it.
It will not charge if you dont connect the power cable when starting Android.

Buttons Layout:
  • X Panel Button = Home Button
  • OK Button = Back Button
  • Left Softkey = Menu Button
  • Right Softkey = Standby & Lock Button
  • Call Button = Dialer Button
  • Call End Button = Standby & Lock Button
  • Volume Buttons = Volume Buttons
  • Power Button = Standby & Lock Button
  • Camera Button = Home Button

Unpack the Zip file copy all the Files in the root of the fat32 partition this will be the only partition you will see in the my computer. Then go to file explorer then in storage card then into the npkinstall folder then run haret this will install files on the EXT2 partition. Then it will automatically restart after you restart back into the windows mobile go into file explorer then storage card then run haret which is in the root of the sd-card not the one in npkinstall folder and just wait and it will boot.



  1. awesome.... its wark fine.. n quite fast...

  2. This build is fast..
    the key still freeze (more often). the screen flickers after pressing wake up button.
    still many lags. market keps restarting.

  3. work smooth, no lag, except flicker screen after wakeup and wifi is slow.

    thanks anyway.

  4. i have installed gingerbread android 2.3 on my xperia x1 its working good but i cant charge it...?