Saturday, February 5, 2011

F1 Froyo V2

Guys improved it alot, speed is like an ext2 build. 3D is good, mapped camera button to home screen now you have two home buttons and fixed the freezing of buttons. Used it for two days and not a single time button freezed. Added Latest Launcher Pro 0.8.3 in which you can enable 3d drawer as you can see in the screenshots and its very smooth and removed camera and carhome. 
Build: 2.2.1 Froyo
Kernel: Seandean kernel V3
Best Radios:

  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Market
  • 3G Network
  • Phone Speaker
  • 3D Acceleration
  • Awsome Battery Life
  • Animations
  • Browser
  • Gmail
  • Backlight Control
  • Overclocked to 600 MHz
  • Landscape Support
  • After the first boot it will be slow so after the first boot right away restart it and when you will run it again it will be super fast.
  • Don't ever turn off WiFi once connected because then you will have to restart Android to get it working.
  • Unzip the .zip file and copy all the files in the root of the sd card.
  • If some of you have problems try Hard Reseting in WinMob then deleting all the files of android and Recopying from the computer.
Buttons Layout:
  • X Panel Button = Home Button
  • OK Button = Back Button
  • Left Softkey = Menu Button
  • Right Softkey = Standby & Lock Button
  • Call Button = Dialer Button
  • Call End Button = Standby & Lock Button
  • Volume Buttons = Volume Buttons
  • Power Button = Standby & Lock Button
  • Camera Button = Home Button
  • Unzip the .zip file using WinRAR or 7zip.
  • Then you will get a bunch of files.
  • Copy all the files in the root of the memory card.
  • dont copy them in a folder just in the root otherwise android will not work.
  • Run Haret from the File Explorer.
  • Then Run it again and it will be fast & stable.


  1. hey there faryaab..i hv a problem with this build.
    it cant seem to detect my sdcard.when i open android music it says there is no sd card inserted.can u help me with this one?
    thx in advance...

  2. goes really well the problem was solved WIFI, just missing a camera and turn the radio to listen to music good job

  3. Great job. Thanks!

  4. Is it OK to overclock the processor?
    It could shorten "life" of xperia...
    Or is it possible to make android without oveclock?

  5. yes you can oveerclock it, my build is already overclocked to 600MHz.

  6. hey.... the build did not work for me ... it seems to say waiting for sd card
    waiting for sd card.....................................................

  7. how to change my radios to or pls help me i m new :D

  8. and my wifi dont work... when i go to turn on my xperia restars :S

  9. video file cannot played..
    any solution?

  10. faryaab my wifi doesnt turn on .. when i go to turn its say wi fi turning on all the time .. pls help me

  11. good job master, i will give you a report after try it
    any mirror?
    i can't download from
    i wish f1 is the fastest x1 android's rom.
    good luck..

  12. i just try it..
    but there's some bug for my kovsky.
    battery indicator doesn't work accurately.
    and when i change mw network from 3g to 2g, my kovsky going to turnoff suddenly.