Thursday, January 13, 2011

F1-Pure V2

This ROM comes in two builds WM6.5 (21916) and WM6.5.3 (29007). This ROM is the stock Microsoft ROM there is nothing of XPERIA in it only drivers of XPERIA. So it Means maximum storage space, maximum RAM and the fastest boot.

WM6.5 (21916) & WM6.5.3 (29007) Build Log:

  • All System Packages
  • Changed PagePool to 32MB
  • Fixed ActiveSync Bug
  • XPERIA Packages (Comm Manager, QuickGPS, Drivers & ArcsoftMMS)
  • Added XPERIA X1 Dialer Skin

WM6.5 (21916) Screenshot:

WM6.5.3 (29007) Screenshot:

Download: 21916 | 29007


  1. I have installed WM6.5 (21916) version, and this could be the perfect rom, but there is a no go isue on it. MP4 files won't play. Media Player prompts that the file can't be played. The same version of the Base ROM plays the videos without problem, so some driver or codec is mising in this version. Would it be too much to ask you to fix this?
    Appart from this, nice work.

  2. I will update it thanks for the info on that.

  3. do you think you can post the download like again please?