Saturday, January 15, 2011

F1-Base ROM

This ROM comes in two builds WM6.5 (21916) and WM6.5.3 (29007). This ROM is an pure upgrade of WM6.5 for XPERIA X1.

WM6.5 (21916) & WM6.5.3 (29007) Build Log:
  • All Windows Mobile Packages
  • All XPERIA Packages
  • Removed: Touch Scroll (Not required in WM6.5) & Handango InHand
  • Added XPERIA X1 black theme (Optimized for WM6.5)
  • Added XPERIA X1 R3A Camera with Auto Flash & GeoTag
  • Updated: Adobe Reader & Google Maps
  • PagePool 32MB
  • 4 Row Start Menu (Landscape)

WM6.5 (21916) Screenshot:

WM6.5 (29007) Screenshot:

Download: 21916 | 29007


  1. Do I have to hardspl before installing this rom?

  2. hi faryaab.
    i wanna flash your 29007 build, but which dialer did you use for this build?
    it's look like some kind very old dialer. does it support video call?

  3. helloo aw do i run dis on a newly bought X1
    thank you

  4. Hi,
    I've installed your rom (the 6.5 version)
    It's incredible, so fast. After installing the ROM, I've hard reseted and restarted after the config, however when I tried to install JetCet print on it, when installing the print portion of it, it just got stuck in an endless loop at 7/10th of the installation so I tried to restart my phone and it did not boot, first got stuck at the SE logo and then after softreseting, it just went black after the logo and stayed that way for 8 minutes. Did you encounter bugs like this? Also, what could I do?

    Right now I reinstalled the rom and trying again, hoping for the best.


  5. I've reinstalled it, and succeeded in installing the program, however when trying to install anything else after that, it gave an installation unsuccessful message. After a restart/soft reset it produces the same symptoms as above.

    I'm a sad, sad panda