Monday, December 20, 2010

F1-Sense ROM V1.00

Windows Mobile 6.5 w/Sense 2018  
OS: Windows Mobile 6.5
Build: 21916
Manila: 2018 (CFC Compressed)
  •  W/Landscape Support
  •   4x4 Quick Links
  •   Removed RSS From Home Tab
  •   Removed Twitter & Stock Tab
Screen shots:

 EXT Packages:
  • All Rhodium Packages 
  • New XPERIA Camera W/Auto Flash 
  • Action Screen
  • EzInput keyboards: Full QWERTY, Compact QWERTY and Phone Keypad 
  • Quick Links (WiFi - Bluetooth - Softreset)  
  • No Data
  • YouTube 
  • Total Commander 2.52
  • Flash Light 
  • Arcsoft MMS 
  • Opera Mobile 10
  • Market
  • MyPhone
  • Windows Live
  • Windows Live IM
  • HTCPedia Messeging
  • Brian's WM6.5 Taskbar icons
  • Firestorm Icon Set (By Lechux From XDA-Dev)
  • No Manila Flip Clock
  • 3 Row Start Menu with 4 Row in Landscape
  • Battery Status By 1%
  • Genesis Font


  1. will this work with x1? ... if so how do i put install it?

  2. Good Day

    How do you install the above ROM?, is it as per the xda-forums?

  3. Good Day

    I unzipped and ran the ROM upgrade facility, but get a Error 252 when it starts the upgrade, I have even reset the WM 6.1 Xperia phone back to factory defaults with the same error

  4. Hi there,

    So far, i have found it stable and having fun with it. The only problem is connectivity to WiFi. I remember having this issue earlier with another rom, back then i found a hotfix to that which worked like a charm however i cannot find it any longer, ´ve been googling it for hours. Need help folks...... Thx for the rest of the package.

  5. Hi Faryaab,

    Recently read, on the same page, that you are just 14, considering that, you are doing an impressive job.

    I would like to bring another point regarding this rom i.e. lack of task manager..... or is it only me who is unable to locate it?

  6. @Mirza the task manager can be found on the right of batt meter on the top bar.

  7. can upload it on other site pleas
    megaupload is blocked in my country

  8. i want install this ROM to my have link for step-by-step instruction...


  9. Plz upload it on other site bcoz its also blocked in India also..

  10. if u have a newer link plz send it to