Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Best Android for XPERIA X1 (Stable & Fast)

Best Android build until now for the XPERIA X1 [Fast & Stable]

Build: 2.2.1 Froyo
Kernel: Sp3dev
Best Radios:

  • Super Fast
  • No need to turn on WiFi in Windows Mobile
  • No need to turn on Bluetooth in Windows Mobile
  • You can turn on Bluetooth & WiFi in Android
  • Usable for everyday
  • Phone doesn't overheat
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Market
  • 3G Network
  • Phone Speaker
  • 3D Acceleration - NEOCORE 15.7 FPS
  • Great Battery Life
  • Animations
  • Backlight Control
  • Landscape Support
  • It will not charge if you dont connect the power cable when starting Android it will not charge.
  • After the first boot it will be slow so after the first boot right away restart it and when you will run it again it will be super fast.
  • Sometimes Wifi doesnt change and it says "ERROR" so then turn it back off and then on.
  • Unzip the .7z file and copy all the files in the root of the sd card.
  • If some of you have problems try Hard Reseting in WinMob then deleting all the files of android and Recopying from the computer.
Buttons Layout:
  • X Panel Button = Home Button
  • OK Button = Back Button
  • Left Softkey = Menu Button
  • Right Softkey = Standby & Lock Button
  • Call Button = Dialer Button
  • Call End Button = Standby & Lock Button
  • Volume Buttons = Volume Buttons
  • Power Button = Standby & Lock Button
  • Unzip the .7z file using WinRAR or 7zip.
  • Then you will get a bunch of files.
  • Copy all the files in the root of the memory card.
  • dont copy them in a folder just in the root otherwise android will not work.
  • Run Haret from the File Explorer.
  • After the first boot restart immediately or it will get stuck.
  • Then Run it again and it will be fast & stable.

  • Please comment the radio versions on which you are so i can update the thread.
  • Please make mirror of this file.


    1. Hi. Could someone tell me, why my xperia stucks even i do restart immediately after first boot? Radio, SD card emty, all files are on root of sd... I did create an ext2 and linux swan primary partitions, but it didnt help....

    2. Hi Faryaab,
      nice to see you are having your own blog.
      I'm gonna be ur first follower.
      Keep updating...

      @Egis, I don't think you need format ur SD to EXT2 because this kernel is working in FAT32 Format.

    3. @Rusly Thanx for following i will keep this post updated. I'm also cooking ROM for the X1.
      Wish me Luck.

    4. Wow it's great!
      It's for sure... my support fordev.
      I'm waiting for you ROM and next Android for sure... =)

    5. To Rusly - Thanks for responce. Creating ext2 partition was my last option. Before that i tried just with a fully formated FAT32 sd card.. It stucks after 1 minute....

    6. I found out, what was wrong about my phone :) SD card... With other SD card it works perfectly :) Keep doing good job ! :)

    7. wah... boleh juga nih ada rom buat X1... ijin sedot yah...
      btw.. tulisannya tolong dirubah donk jangan warna hitam semua.. coz bacanya agak sulit...
      keep a good work...

    8. i like your rom ^^ !!! Please UPDATE it i'm looking for it xD !!

    9. with all do respect it will better if u spent more of ur time with the android project..cus in my opinion its better and faster than any winM that I have tried...and after make an android rom for x1

    10. hi. i can't download the rom because my area cant surf megaupload.
      Can you upload to other hosting?

    11. hey my wifi still not working..even i turned it on in winmo...using your rom..winmo6.5.and your android..can u help..its turning on but saying connecting...then disconnected...:/

    12. is there any other link where we can download this? please upload it in other location.. I cant download using megaupload.. please pls.. pls..

    13. plz help ... why the sd card is not presented on android

    14. Newbie... cara restart untuk "After the first boot restart immediately or it will get stuck" gimana? apa pake tombol reset yg dibelakang casing ato gmn?
      Trus cara mematikan Android-nya dari Xperia X1 gmn mohon petunjuk...

    15. newbie... after i press haret..the system boot to android,after successfully booting appear flash animation "XDANDROID" and finish Home android appear and i restart the phone, but it come back to Winmo, its normal??

      for info i already upgrade to winmo 6.5 with 826X

    16. you have to launch again from file man. @EKA

    17. if you have an android that works on xperia x2 tell me i want to try android.

    18. I already instal but cant conect to gprs or 3g. I dont know how to setting manual. can u hlp me.....

    19. hi i need this android for xperia x2 does this work and please give new download like

      because megaupload is block


    20. please send me a android for SE xperia x1 .
      and this my first time
      (I donot know, how can I change my xperia X1 to Android?)


    21. hey guys iam having problem i cant install haret it is saying kernal panic
      ....sync...rebooting in 7seconds

    22. can u pls repload the file , it shows some FBI notification, its coz mega upload was take down