Friday, December 31, 2010

Android 2.3.1 Gingerbread Alpha Release

Android 2.3.1 Gingerbread Alpha Release
Attention: This build is made by NEOPEEK and requires the EXT2 Partition. I will always keep this thread updated.

This is an ALPHA Release so its very buggy but it works quite well. First boot takes quite some time but after the first boot its faster then a Galaxy S  and while booting the screen flickers alot but dont worry its normal. I suggest you to open all apps and sync your account with google on the first boot and then reboot your device.

[Guide on how to create an EXT2 partition]

Build: 2.3.1 Gingerbread
Kernel: Seandean V4b

  • WiFi
  • Data Connection
  • 3G Network
  • GPS
  • Phone
  • Speaker
  • Messeging
  • Market
  • Good Battery Life
  • Landscape Support

Not Working:
  • Blutooth
  • 3D - Buggy & alot of flickers on boot and games otherwise fine.
  • Gmail - when you select a email it bounces back to your inbox.
  • Browser - Keeps crashing.

Don't shutdown the android before disabling WiFi or you will have problems.
Download Opera from market because default browser keeps crashing.
Download the new ts-calibration file from below and replace it in the package.
It will not charge if you dont connect the power cable when starting Android.

Buttons Layout:
  • X Panel Button = Home Button
  • OK Button = Back Button
  • Left Softkey = Menu Button
  • Right Softkey = Standby & Lock Button
  • Call Button = Dialer Button
  • Call End Button = Standby & Lock Button
  • Volume Buttons = Volume Buttons
  • Power Button = Standby & Lock Button

Unpack the Zip file copy all the Files in the root of the fat32 partition this will be the only partition you will see in the my computer and replace ts-calibration file with the file below. Then go to file explorer then in storage card then into the npkinstall folder then run haret this will install files on the EXT2 partition. Then it will automatically restart after you restart back into the windows mobile go into file explorer then storage card then run haret which is in the root of the sd-card not the one in npkinstall folder and just wait and it will boot. There will be alot of screen flickering while its booting but after bootr it will be fine.


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  2. how does it work on a 8 GB SD card?
    and does it work only for android?
    which partition will the windows mobile detect?

    ( My concern is only regarding the SD Card )

  3. Thnx very much but:
    the TS-Calibration File has been deleted from the HotFile server.
    could you plaese upload it on another site?

  4. Thank you ..
    When will the Android system to be of major
    For example HTC Lion